Philadelphia-based Musician, Designer, Writer


Hi! I’m Kristin. I make things.

Photo Credit:  Kristie Krause

Photo Credit: Kristie Krause

I’m a musician, designer, and writer. I thrive when I'm creating songs, albums, brands, websites, content, teams, and processes, to name a few. With each new challenge to create, I learn more about the world around me, my team, and myself.

I’ve spent my entire career on lean teams. Contributing to and leading small creative teams has taught me many things, but among those, to be resourceful, versatile, empathetic, grounded, fiercely loyal to my beliefs, and resilient.

I currently spend most of my time as Senior Creative Manager at Seer and as front-woman for The Bigness. Otherwise, you can find me hanging out with my husband and cat, hiking at high altitude, or watching The Great British Baking Show.